Pedro_Vlez_MoralSoundtrack_20140Through the years, I have been involved in many projects with my dear friend and artist, Pedro Velez. At college with my first painting exhibit (1994) and as the composer for his book of sketches (1994) called: Apendice. Years later (2004), we collaborated on Circo’s “En el Cielo de tu Boca” record artwork.

On May 2014, I was asked by Pedro to do a soundtrack for his exhibition. Under my alias, The Artificial Shadow Band, to complement his paintings, collages and banners.

From 101 / Exhibit’s web site:

“Additionally, the show will feature a soundtrack by Gardy Pérez, an experimental musician,
long time collaborator of Vélez, and leader of the seminal shoegaze band un.real. One copy of the soundtrack will be available and includes a poster/collage based upon the audio.”

The soundtrack featured quotes by art critics and thinkers. It can be heard here: