Record covers, pt.1.

I have always been fascinated by record covers. Kiss, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, Kansas and Pink Floyd to name a few. I had the luxury of growing up with older brothers that loved music. Before the mp3 era, it was a joy listening to a record and looking at every detail on the artwork. How it related to the music, how the designer did it? etc.

When it came my turn to design for a band, I went for it with passion and thinking about all those that influenced me through the years. Here we have some examples of my design work for artists through the years.



Libre. Circo.

This is my latest collaboration with Circo, an Indie-electro band from Puerto Rico. We have being working together for many years and after a hiatus, have returned with new songs and shows. They wanted to promote a new single called Libre (free), so I was invited to work with them again.

This is a mix of hand drawn imagery and photos. I also designed the band’s logo, which changes with every release. I will post at some point, past designs for the band.

This was a digital only release.