Record covers, pt.1.

I have always been fascinated by record covers. Kiss, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Yes, Kansas and Pink Floyd to name a few. I had the luxury of growing up with older brothers that loved music. Before the mp3 era, it was a joy listening to a record and looking at every detail on the artwork. How it related to the music, how the designer did it? etc.

When it came my turn to design for a band, I went for it with passion and thinking about all those that influenced me through the years. Here we have some examples of my design work for artists through the years.



Guitar effects. Graphic design.

Since I learned how to play guitar ages ago, I was always fascinated by the sounds that could come out of an electric guitar.

The first guitar effect I ever owned was a Pro Co Rat. A distortion pedal and still my favorite. Having collected and used hundreds of effects over the years, it never ocurred to me to work with a pedal designer or company on a design for a product.

My first attempt was with a friend here in Puerto Rico, that wanted to get a company off the ground. It wasn’t to be. After subscribing to a guitar effects forum and meeting fellow gear addicts, I collaborated with a new builder that was starting up his company.

Blakemore Effects was founded by my good friend Blake Hickey. My first collaboration was for his Mustang overdrive pedal. After the Mustang, came a design for his Custom Shop pedals. We had two versions of the design. My latest design for Blake is for his Dreamsicle Fuzz. A reference to The Smashing Pumpkins, the IC transistor and an orange Popsicle.


After collaborating with Blakemore Effects I met Chris Venter of Shoe Pedals. Venter is also a guitar player and composer. My first design for Shoe was for the Silver Apple Pedal.


Chris likes to “stamp” the pedals. I worked on a “clean design” he could use. In november 2015, we worked together for a pedal that he designed for Digitech / DOD. The Name is Looking Glass Overdrive and it was presented at the 2016 Namm in California. So awesome, the way it turned out.




Pedro_Vlez_MoralSoundtrack_20140Through the years, I have been involved in many projects with my dear friend and artist, Pedro Velez. At college with my first painting exhibit (1994) and as the composer for his book of sketches (1994) called: Apendice. Years later (2004), we collaborated on Circo’s “En el Cielo de tu Boca” record artwork.

On May 2014, I was asked by Pedro to do a soundtrack for his exhibition. Under my alias, The Artificial Shadow Band, to complement his paintings, collages and banners.

From 101 / Exhibit’s web site:

“Additionally, the show will feature a soundtrack by Gardy Pérez, an experimental musician,
long time collaborator of Vélez, and leader of the seminal shoegaze band un.real. One copy of the soundtrack will be available and includes a poster/collage based upon the audio.”

The soundtrack featured quotes by art critics and thinkers. It can be heard here:

Poster for Demonsleeper, Similar, My Empty Phantom and Un.real.

Poster for a Rock and Roll show. My band, un.real hosted a show at La Respuesta with Demonsleeper, Similar and My Empty Phantom.

I used Ultraman as the centerpiece of the poster, since I love old school japanese anime and robots. It is also a recurring theme on my band’s artwork.




Libre. Circo.

This is my latest collaboration with Circo, an Indie-electro band from Puerto Rico. We have being working together for many years and after a hiatus, have returned with new songs and shows. They wanted to promote a new single called Libre (free), so I was invited to work with them again.

This is a mix of hand drawn imagery and photos. I also designed the band’s logo, which changes with every release. I will post at some point, past designs for the band.

This was a digital only release.